Liturgy at St Monica's

  • Pupil Chaplaincy Team


    The role of a Pupil Chaplain is to serve as a member of their Chaplaincy Team to support the Catholic Life of the School. They will be entrusted with the responsibility of: 

    • 1. Giving joyful witness of Christ in their school.
    • 2. Providing support for staff in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.
    • 3. Liaising with clergy for the delivery and development of the sacramental provision for the whole school.
    • 4. Pastoral care of staff and pupils.
    • 5. Assisting with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school
    • 6. Supporting assemblies, class prayer times and prayer groups.
    • 7. Developing and leading retreat experiences for staff and pupils.
    • 8. Developing the use of the chapel/prayer room/ sacred spaces or areas, for all staff.
    • 9. Being present on parents and opening evenings to help with the welcome of all the community.

    Being Liturgy Gold Tie

    It's easy to think that being a Liturgy Gold Tie is all about being in mass and watching over the chapel, but it is so much more. It's about being there as someone who will listen and offer advice not only about faith, but also with personal struggles and upsetting issues. My job is to make the Chapel a space that is safe and welcoming to all pupils, but to also make sure that pupils don't disrespect that space and make it an uncomfortable area for those who need it. Faith plays a major role in all aspects of my life- it influences my daily life, and I show this through my dedication to my pupil chaplains and helping develop worship around school, and also in aiding in the process of making Catholic worship more modern-day and relevant to pupils here at St. Monica's.

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    Please see Mrs Allmand in Room 14

  • Yr 7 Welcome Day

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    At the start of the Autumn Term all Y7 pupils and form teachers are involved in the Y7 Welcome Day.

    The aims of the day are :

    - Pupils realise they are a vital part of St. Monica’s school community.

    - Pupils to understand that they are created uniquely by God as a gift to themselves.

    - Pupils to understand in using their gifts and talents they are helping the community of St. Monica’s to develop.

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  • Rosary Club

    The Rosary club meets every day during October and May. It is lead by members of The Pupil Chaplaincy Team Pupils are invited to attend the prayer reflection in the school chapel at lunchtime.


  • Marian Procession

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    On the Saturday 6th October 2018 Mrs Allmand and members of The Pupil Chaplaincy team attended the Marian Procession. It is an annual event held on the first Saturday of October (month of the Rosary), through the streets of Rusholme and Fallowfield, in South Manchester (Diocese of Salford).

    The procession is an expression of popular piety. It is a public gathering of a small portion of the Church in God’s presence and it is both a powerful moment of community prayer and of witness and evangelisation. Every year, around 1000 people of different ages (adults, elderly, youth and children), backgrounds, cultures and parishes gather together to celebrate and share their common love and faith for Jesus Christ and their filial devotion to Our Lady.

    During the procession a large wooden cross is carried by young volunteers, followed by a statue of Our Lady seating on a large platform adorned with flowers and carried by groups of 12 trained volunteers in stages along the way.

    The route of the procession is as follows: Thurloe Street (St Edward’s RC Church)- Wilmslow Rd - Wilbraham Rd - Hart Rd (St Kentigern’s RC Church) - Yew Tree Rd - Whitmore Rd - Platt Fields Park

    The procession was an important way for staff and pupils to become witnesses to their faith We hope to be invited to attend next year

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  • Hope in the Future

    diocese of salford

  • Advent

    During the season of Advent we are asked to follow the example set by Mary, the mother of Jesus.

    - We pray that we be helped by her example and her prayers to bring Jesus to birth again and again in our world.

    - Each day during Advent pupils are invited to attend prayer reflection lead by The Pupil Chaplaincy Team.

    - Advent is  a season of preparation. It is a time to think of others and ask for forgiveness from God.

    Advent Reflections

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    Thank you to the Pupil Chaplaincy Team who lead the reflection each day

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  • Lent

  • Special Day of Prayer

    Form Time Special Prayer

  • Form Time Daily Prayer

  • Liturgical News


  • Thank you to our parents, whose support and dedication has been a key factor in the success. Thanks also to our governors and all who serve the school.

    Thank You

  • 85.4% of our students achieved a grade 9-4 in English and 74.2% achieved a grade 9-4 in Maths.

    GCSE Results 2018

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