At St Monica's we believe that staying safe online is of the utmost priority. Below you can view oure-safety policy


 Below are a number of links to checklists and websites that can help keep you save online

Online Reputation Checklist   rep1  reputation1  rep1
Facebook Checklist fb fb checklist1 fb
Twitter Checklist twitter Twitter1 twitter
Instagram Checklist instagram Instagram1 instagram
Snapchat Checklist snapchat snapchat1 snapchat
Cyberbullying Tips cyber cyberbullying1 cyber
Sexting sexting Sexting1 sexting
ZIPIT zippit ZIPIT1 zippit

Here's where to find the rules and how to report for the most popular social media networks and messaging apps.

 fb  rules1  report1  safecentre1
 snapchat  rules1  report1  safecentre1
 instagram  rules1  report1  safecentre1
 youtube  rules1  report1  safecentre1
 kik1  rules1  report1  safecentre1
 twitter  rules1  report1
 Vine1  rules1  report1
 ceop  thinkuknow  sharplogo

  • Thank you to our parents, whose support and dedication has been a key factor in the success. Thanks also to our governors and all who serve the school.

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  • 85.4% of our students achieved a grade 9-4 in English and 74.2% achieved a grade 9-4 in Maths.

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