Exam Results

Mrs Hainsworth, Headteacher, said that she is absolutely thrilled with this year’s GCSE results. 

‘In a year of great uncertainty, the students here at St Monica’s have achieved some phenomenal GCSE results. Staff and pupils were working against a backdrop of new challenging examination systems, unknown grade boundaries and rigorous assessment. Once again, the students of St Monica’s have risen to this challenge and have proved what an incredibly conscientious, inspirational and dedicated group of young people they are.

I am absolutely thrilled that 13 students in the year group were awarded the highly esteemed grade 9 in English Language, English Literature or Maths. This ranks them as some of the highest achieving students in the country. Amazingly, our student of the year, Aisling O’Hare, achieved a grade 9 in all three subjects! A further 19 students achieved 9 A / A* grades which also deserve recognition. 

Our examination results are consistently high and examination success is spread across the whole school. I am delighted that 73% of our 209 pupils achieved a grade 4 or above in both Maths and English, which is an increase of 8% on last year. History, Geography and PE all achieved excellent results. Once again, in English, examination results were exceptional with 27% of all pupils achieving a grade 7 – 9 (A/A*)

I offer my congratulations to all our pupils, their families, their teachers and support staff and thank the governors and members of our community and parishes who have encouraged and supported our students along this journey.


School Performance

GCSE Results 2017

School National Avg
Progress 8 score -0.25 -0.03
Attainment 8 score 49 44.6
Students achieving Grades 9-4 in English and Maths 74% 63.9%
Students achieving EBacc at Grade 4/C or above 31% 23.7%
Students achieving Grades 9- 5 in English and Maths 37.3% 39.6%
Students achieving EBacc at Grade 5 /C or above 20% 19.7%

What are Progress 8 and Attainment 8?

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are two measures that schools will be judged against from 2016.  

They are designed to encourage schools to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at KS4.

Progress 8 is based on pupils’ progress measured across eight subjects:

English; Mathematics; these are "double-weighted"

Three other English Baccalaureate (EBACC) subjects (sciences, computer science, geography, history and languages). Three further subjects, which can be from the range of EBACC subjects, or can be any other GCSE or approved, high-value arts, academic, or vocational qualification.

Attainment 8 is the pupils’ average achievement across these eight subjects.

From 2016, the floor standard will be based on schools’ results on the Progress 8 measure


Calculating Attainment 8

You add up a pupils’ points for their eight subjects and divide by 10 to get their Attainment 8 score.

Progress 8 = Actual attainment 8 grade minus expected attainment 8 grade.

The estimated/expected Attainment 8 score is the average Attainment 8 score of all pupils nationally with the same prior attainment at KS2.

The estimated Attainment 8 score nationally is not known during Year 11 or throughout that academic year, so any calculations have to be based on the previous year’s previous Attainment 8 data.

The figure for the year of results is only released at the data checking exercise in September. This has had an impact on our school and schools in the authority  

  • Thank you to our parents, whose support and dedication has been a key factor in the success. Thanks also to our governors and all who serve the school.

  • 77% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 - 9 in Maths and 88% of all pupils achieved a Grade 4 - 9 in English.

    GCSE results 2017

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