Careers Introduction

At St. Monica’s we consider that Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance an essential ingredient of the school curriculum which should underpin individual subject areas, giving them a direction and purpose , therefore the sharing of such important information is vital.

There are many directions that this work might take Enterprise Activities, College Application work, Connexions Interviews, Curriculum/ Careers evenings, Visiting careers events, Apprenticeship workshops, careers education sessions working to improve student skills, local labour market to name but a few. It is vital that all these activities are available to the whole school community students, parents, Connexions advisers, subject teachers and many others. Earlier these activities were communicated by letter or word of mouth and the dissemination of such wide ranging information was difficult and often ineffective.

Today we have the Internet and web based email systems, which have transformed the way information is researched and shared. The Careers department at St. Monica’s have always been at the leading edge of technological development and earlier had invested in new computers and running new software programmes dedicated to careers support such as Kudos and Careerscape. Now we have recently been working towards ensuring that such vital careers information is in a prominent position on the school web site. Check out the Careers link on the menu bar button and GO to the relevant tab!!! Enjoy!

  • Thank you to our parents, whose support and dedication has been a key factor in the success. Thanks also to our governors and all who serve the school.

  • 77% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 - 9 in Maths and 88% of all pupils achieved a Grade 4 - 9 in English.

    GCSE results 2017

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